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Anita Toi

20 March 2024

1h 6m 56s

Confidence, for a Healthy and Happy Life with Sonja Courtis



Loved this chat with Sonja, a coach and healer from Christchurch, NZ with over 25 years of experience in education and personal development. Specialising in supporting people to break down their barriers to living a healthy and fulfilling life.

Sonja is trained in Mind and Body healing modalities that address the root causes of physical and emotional conditions. She supports people to heal past trauma whilst also change their limiting mindset and beliefs, by overcoming chronic stress and negative emotions. This allows people to feel excited and positive about life.

She helps people transform their reality and create the life they deeply desire. She is a published author in four books ranging from topics such as Integrated well-being healing tools and Manifestation using Law of Attraction. She also has her own podcast called “Healthy and Healed with Sonja” on Spotify.

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