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Inner Awakening

A podcast for seekers of Truth and freedom that focuses on the inner journey of waking up.

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18 July 2024

Swapcast: Me on the Real Eyes Realise Real Lies Podcast

This was such a pleasurable chat with Georgina Grace from The Real Eyes Realise Real Lies Podcast. Georgina is a numerologist and begins the show by decoding my ruling number. There is a lot of stigma to my particular number at the moment, it's one of many numbers, signs and symbols that are powerful but have been used by evil doers with ill intentions. It was really nice to hear all the positive attributes of this energy and how it is used for the Light.

We also talk a lot about health, healing and share different experiences we've both had with mainstream medicine and alternative healing modalities. Together we dream up a vision for a better world where healthcare is healthy and really focused on taking care of people rather than the current sick care models we've been used to.

I share a bit about being a Coach and how I use Human Design as a tool to give people greater self knowledge about how their energy works, how to make decisions and what their unique gifts and strengths are.

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24 June 2024

Words from the heart of farm life with Kirsten Wojtowicz

Kirsten and I met when she delivered my first organic veggie box in Torquay, Victoria and immediately I loved her energy. She is all about living a big-hearted life, connected to the land.

Kirsten and her partner Adrian are biodynamic farmers, who adopted this way of producing crops long before many others. They grow potatoes and onions for commercial sale and then a home produce and medicinal garden for the family.

We bonded over a love of good food, plant medicine and naturopathy. Over time, Kirsten has added massage, reiki, sound healing, yoga and meditation to her toolkit of practices and offerings.

Kirsten is also a poet and shares her writing on Instagram as she expresses both the wonders of farm life and the joy and pain of the internal experience through her beautiful words. Having the courage to live authentically and creating spaciousness in her life – has been her biggest gift and deepest medicine.

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19 June 2024

DeFi Freedom with EarthStar Tony Knight

There were so many possibilities when naming this episode that it was hard to pick one. I settled with Tony's business and platform name DeFi Freedom but we talk about way more than just decentralised finance.

Tony Knight, known as 'KryptoneKnight', has been in business for 30 years specialising in health and has created many brands from start up including Lotus Essential Oils, Lotus Magik Ltd, The Healthy Salt Company and Spice n Easy.

In 2015 he started researching Crypto currency, blockchain and decentralised finance and by 2016 was buying Bitcoin and experimenting with many crypto projects.

His prime focus is now dedicated to education and building a community for freedom in wealth and health. (No financial advice is offered in this episode).

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Tony's DeFi Freedom Website

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09 June 2024

As within, so without with Kate Fillenham

Kate Fillenham is a gorgeous friend of mine made during the lockdown era when standing around in the surf carpark was about all we could do outside of homes.

Kate is a multi-passionate and talented healer of the Earth, the elemental realm and gardens that are unwell and imbalanced and need some love and good energy. She offers garden advice consultations and permaculture design as well as plant readings.

Kate also extends her healing to people in different ways as a reflexologist, bodyworker and energy healer and in this conversation we talk about how interconnected all these things are. Oh and she just so happens to be writing a novel too! I hope you enjoy this chat with a real life part human part faery.

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02 May 2024

Rewriting our Future with Paul Henning

Paul Henning is the founder of Talisman Travel Co, a project that helps people find more meaning and magic in their lives by guiding them to overcome the obstacles in the way of their travel dreams.

He is also the host of the podcast Rewriting Our Future, A Mind Control Exodus, where he interviews healers, creatives, and truth tellers in order to inspire and influence his own active journey of sovereignty. 

In this chat we talk about all things related to truth, freedom and travel. And the ways to expand our experiences and confidence and find deeper self knowledge.

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The books we talked about were 'Propaganda' by Edward Bernays

and 'Dumbing Us Down' by John Taylor Gatto

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24 April 2024

Saving the children & healing the Earth with Rachel Vaughan

Rachel Vaughan is a whistle-blower, researcher, public speaker, and childhood survivor of satanic ritual abuse and Mk Ultra mind control programming.

She is also a Psychic medium with 21 years of professional reading experience, as well as a lifetime of interactions with the spirit world.

Rachel has spent the past 17 years imploring Australian authorities to investigate the satanic cult who abused her as a child in the 1970’s and 80’s. Whilst some incarcerations have taken place, she continues to be frustrated with certain individuals in power who refuse to properly investigate multiple crimes. Rachel continues to fight for justice, both for herself and those unable to speak for themselves.

An eternal optimist, Rachel maintains that we are immortal souls having a human experience who can attain peace and success despite our trauma.

Over the past four years Rachel has become acutely aware of a large swathe of humanity experiencing a spiritual ascension. During this process many incarnate souls have come to understand the depth of depravity of those who held power on Earth for millennia.

She passionately believes that the current ascension process of Earth, fuelled by humanity’s collective spiritual awakening, can facilitate a change from the current satanic system into something we will be proud to pass on to our children and grandchildren.

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