Inner Awakening

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Anita Toi

18 April 2024

1h 11m 37s

Creating from Love with Emma Galloway



Emma Galloway is the bestselling author of three cookbooks. She's also a former chef, photographer, creator of the award-winning food blog My Darling Lemon Thyme and in the last few years has embarked on a creative journey which has led her to pottery. 

She lives in Raglan, New Zealand, with her husband and two children. You can find Emma's wonderful creations at all the links below;

In the episode Emma and I riff on balancing public and private personas as an online entrepreneur, how to stay healthy and balanced and nourish yourself.

We also talk about how hard the last four years have been when it came to speaking your truth as a business owner, where this had real repercussions that impacted our families as well as us. And then the flip side too of how rewarding the last four years have been in terms of personal growth and learning theh true meaning of life and what we value. 

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